About Vashon Island

The waters of Puget Sound surrounding Vashon Island are home to seals, sea lions, and occasionally whales and dolphins. Blue Herons and Bald Eagles are often seen along and above the island’s shores, making its beaches popular for bird watching and boating.  Inland, Vashon has a charm and country flavor all its own. 

An excerpt from the New York Times article, "A Trip Across Water, and Time, from Seattle": 

UNBEKNOWNST to the rest of us, the Washington State Department of Transportation has invented a time machine. Sure, it looks like a ferry, running the route between Seattle and Vashon Island dozens of times a day. But how else to explain what you find when you arrive on Vashon?
Only 22 minutes from downtown Seattle and with a land mass the size of Manhattan, the hilly, woodsy island has a population of just 10,000. It’s home to over a dozen small family farms — the kind that in most places were swallowed up by big agribusiness decades ago — selling their kale and beets and free-range eggs through unmanned farm stands that accept payment on the honor system...Read more


Vashon Island is full of activities for visitors and natives alike. There are miles of tree lined roads and trails for walking, riding and driving. Cycling, kayaking and horseback riding have always been popular on Vashon. Antique stores, gift shops, as well as vineyards add to the laid back metropolitan ambiance. Here's a selection of some of our favorite things to do on Vashon:


In addition to having many options on the island, Vashon is also just a short ferry ride to Seattle. It is close enough for a day trip to the city or even a nice dinner out. 


Vashon has wonderful, family friendly events unique to the island. From music festivals to farmers markets the events calendar is always packed with fun things to do. Here's a few of the highlights: